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As you know, I normally write fantasy *book* reviews — but since I’ve been so busy and consumed with other things, I haven’t had the time to do much reading.  Regardless of the fact that I have had very little free time, there’s one thing that I never go a day without, and that’s listening to music.

Though I already have a rather large collection of CD’s and music, much like my book collection, I’m continually looking to add to it. One great website I’ve found that’s excellent for discovering new and generally unknown artists is last.fm; and every once in awhile because of it, I run into something truly inspiring/compelling.

Luckily, this happened to me a few weeks ago when I stumbled upon the work of “Helen Trevillion,” a solo artist from the UK.

Helen Trevillion, as described by herself, is a creatress of sorts. She’s a singer, songwriter, composer, producer, poet, and artist. What’s truly amazing about her and her work, is that she does it entirely on her own in the comfort of her own bedroom.  She writes the lyrics, the music, plays the piano, violin, uses synthesizer, etc — and as an end result, creates a refreshingly unique style of music. After really having the chance to listen to her work — in particular her “Inside Myself / Once Upon a Time,” album, I was completely intrigued..and slightly in love (haha!).

Inside Myself / Once Upon a Time, in my view, is a remarkable collection of songs that were clearly driven and created by a person with a lot of passion. Inside myself, being the first CD in the double disc album, takes the listener on an enchanting journey through the soul of Helen herself. A journey laced with emotion, magic, and beauty. In this album, Trevillion mixes her emotional and expressive vocals with orchestral music (Violin, Piano), electronic elements (synthesizers, beats), and creative  story-telling lyrics. Upon the first listen of Inside Myself, I immediately formed a connection with many of the songs. The tracks “My Winter,” “Over the Waterfalls,” “Will You,” and “Letters to You” caught my attention right from the start. Another notable and interesting piece is “The Mermaid Part I: The Storm” which is an epic instrumental track that could have easily fit into a fantasy film like “Lord of the Rings.”

Along with Inside Myself, there is also the second disc, “Once Upon a Time.” The Once Upon a Time EP consists of four songs based on four fairytale protagonists. The tracks are as follows: Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel, The Goose Girl, and Cinderella. Just as before, Helen uses her emotional vocals, pleasant music, and excellent song-writing skills to create another album of inspiring and enchanting songs. Each are uniquely crafted, and her take on each character and their situation is both refreshing story-wise and musically. My favorite track would have to be “Cinderalla,” as her vocal and lyrical delivery is simply drenched with emotion and longing. Although this is a track based on a fairytale character, Helen clearly draws up her own emotions and puts them into the song; it shines through, creating an inspiring and some-what heart breaking rendition. All in all, this is a very solid album.

With that said, Helen Trevillion’s Inside Myself / Once Upon a Time is a lovely collection of unique songs. From classical, to electronic, to folk, and to even jazz and Gothic elements, Helen creates and infuses an eclectic (yet at the same time fluid) form of beautiful music which is often described by her fans as “fae-pop.”  Although I’ve only discovered her about a month ago, I can say that without a doubt this is an album that will stay with me. After listening to the songs on her website, I was truly inspired, and simply had to purchase her album which you can buy from the link below.

If interested, I’d highly recommend checking her out. As stated, her albums can be listened to on her website for free. On another note, if you’re a fan of Emilie Autumn’s “Enchant,” chances are you’d really enjoy this as well.

Website: http://faefly-records.co.uk

CDBaby: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/helentrevillion


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