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img_1043What can I say? These in-ear headphones made by Fabu Health are great. Unlike many headphones that I’ve tried over the years in this price range, the overall quality is excellent. The bass is deep without causing distortion or static. The music and vocals are crisp and vibrant.

The headphones are light but don’t feel or look cheap, and they’re nicely designed in shape and size. They’re also comfortable and fit my ear perfectly and have a great ability to cancel out unwanted background noise. Not only that, but they look really cool and are hand crafted from real wood.

Furthermore, they come in a nice clear carrying case as show below. There is also a pouch of extra tips of different sizes included. The headphones also have a button on them for answering your phone which is convenient.

On a final note, the wires on these headphones appear to be just a bit thicker than some, so there tends to be less tangling. This is a definite extra plus for someone like myself who has very little time and patience (mostly patience) :).

Overall these are great headphones. They sound excellent, fit great, and look nice. Definitely a bargain and worth purchasing. A perfect product for someone who wants quality at a reasonable price.


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